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The time has come to say goodbye to a
lover I've once known.
\Some place unknown where I must go to
find my mysterious lover.
\To late to take him in my arms and to
tell him that I need him forever.
\To late to tell him how much he ment to
me even though we have never met.
\So many tears,ohh the years I dreamt
about him, "you know it's been 3 years now".
It's time to let go of my mystrious lover
that only I would have ever known of.
\To embarassed to tell my peers what I
have been lying about for soo many years.
\No bringing him home to meet mom, no
showing him off to my freinds.
\It's time to women up and realize that I
am all alone.

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What words can describe how in love with you I am.
\You are my gift from god. You have a face of an angle
a heart of gold.
\When you smile my heart aches
just the thought of your warm embrace
makes me dread to have to await
another day, of your small hands
creasing my face while warm tears of joy
stream down my cheeks.
\There was a time of grief.
Not knowing if you were going to awake.
\Holding on to everything and nothing,
awaiting for the news that you were going to be okay.
\My baby, my friend.
\Who would have known what you would have become
so smart so delicate so aware.
\When your big dark eyes smile into mines
I know you love me as much as I love you.
\Until the day that our hearts apart
I love you until the sun no longer shines,
until the seas no longer move,
until the world no longer exists.
\I will love you until my dieing day.
\My baby my friend.

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Today”s word is G-R-A-T-I-F-I-C-A-T-I-O-N

Don’t be a prude and answer based on your current mood
Select the option you like best as there is no real solution unlike solving pollution, and this isn't a real test
So take a position, if it is not an imposition after all this is nothing but fiction not an addiction

So without procrastination or introduction or elation leave your hesitation
Take the plunge it’s not a leap, for someone here will say throw this on a heap
It may be taken with affection or rejection and probably needs correction

But onward we go for somehow I must make this flow
Tick the right box if there is such a thing or give it your best fling
If you can’t think of anything

Gratification is ...satisfaction___

Gratification isn’t...crude___
or attitude___

Gratification leads to...fascination
...intimate relations

Gratitude may bring...evolution
hug action

Gratitude is for...a job well done
a rising sun
that special someone

Gratitude, let’s start a revolution that leads to emotion and maybe to a promotion
Gratitude, life’s gift that keeps on giving and a premonition in addition
Gratitude, for brothers and sisters and others too, pass it along for all to share because we really do care

Andreas Simic

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Incomplete and lost,
That's how I feel.
Don't know the cause,
... continued
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you would think that after all that
bijim dominic would start posting again
after all he is the greatest writer who ever walked the
... continued
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Long ago my ancestors began building rome stone builders the meaning of my name mason stone workers masonry handed down generation after generation beautiful history heritage italian culture every hundred years a child is born with rare stone teeth representing identifying the true italian bloodline of mason vicentino descendants this tooth never ages i was blessed with two rare gem stones teeth defining of royalty in Italy royalty in me
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Every morning dad and i set out on our jog at George Washington carver high school track most times he won until my legs stretched out in no time i was winning he would always say he let me win after breakfast with big momma we'd prune the 4 o clock flowers our lady of the garden catholic church shine all the pews chat with the nuns then set out again walking through the tunnel where speakeasies were written on the wall of courage leaders artist musicians searching for change my dad knew every body hello mr king hi mr king beautiful daughter mr king he was so very proud of me by noon the forest preserve golf course settling down for long talks about any subject finally we arrived at the church and youth center where people gathered expressing their feelings on how to better the southside of Chicago from college students to aldermen all about change after returning to the states dad and i went back 1989 after Harold Washington people still needing change the youth center was packed by this time i was wearing wires pregnant for the fbi preventing weapons and drugs from being sold on the streets mayor Daley was sworn in and Barack and Michelle Obama were having their first date at the very same youth center change was occuring right before us.
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I am coming back to you. yeah.
I stop lusting after the Americans.
Because, the Star of Bethlehem, Bae,
2015 to 2017 and only to be seen again maybe 2065, yo
give up on lusting after some random American
Je t'aime et je reviens vers toi
Voulez-vous m'accepter dans votre étreinte chaleureuse

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